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Prevention and Outbreaks Warnings

Prevention becomes more and more important. We live in the world where flu/coronavirus outbreaks shut down cities and countries and drastically affect the worldwide economic situation. Preventing this from happening is better than dealing with the aftermath.

Our solution offers an all-in-one tool to manage one’s health at any time and any place via a mobile app for population and web portals for health specialists, organizations and families. The mobile app serves as an informational portal, helps users to deal with small health issues, manage warnings from health organizations with recommended actions, keep track of population health conditions and track different parameters to analyze next steps needed. The web portals allow health organizations and specialists to create health goals for general or private usage, monitor population adherence to treatment plans, have a real-time data on population conditions and adjust treatment plans on the go. Future features of the platform will include APIs for non-invasive diagnostic and conditions trackers, doctors alerts, AI for personalized data analytics, and a more enhanced digital therapeutics platform.