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Health Management Tool for Chronic diseases

It’s not a secret that most people find it frustrating to manage their health. Even if a person has no chronical diseases, some health issues like flu, acute inflammation, stress or anxiety can be hard to handle without appropriate attention and knowledge. Even more so is true when a person has a chronical disease or a post-surgery recovery plan that is 3 pages long or a serious treatment to go through. Our solution is an all-in-one management tool to help with any of that, plus can provide personalized analytics.

High quality healthcare information, needed expertise and on-time help can and should be available to millions, but how to make it happen? Our solution - HEALTHCRAFT can make it all possible! Patients have all information, instructions and recommendations in one place via an easy-to-use mobile application. Healthcare specialists,  clinics and hospitals can offer their services in Market place of the app via health goals that people can comprehend,  complete and see the results of right away! At the same time, professionals can monitor how patients are doing and analyze what works for them personally via a web accessAlerts can be set to overview things only when needed. Personalized approach at the time of need is the top desired service. The app allows to track symptoms, drugs and supplements, physical exercises, habits and nutrition. All parameters that might be needed to create the best treatment plan and make an impact!

Some of people might need an individual health goal to follow, with specific recommendations and that is possible too. Creation of a custom goal is a function that allows personalized approach at scale. Our solution can provide more services that can be adjusted, added and created to fit the needs of healthcare organizations. Measure your success with real-time statistics. Exponentially expand your reach. Make the difference in the world of healthcare!