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Clinical Trials

What if you can bring medicine to patients a couple years faster? What if you will know why your new invention works for some, but not for others? What if you can track most of the things that influence your clinical trial participants in real-time?

Our solution provides over a dozen features that allow to optimize clinical trials, have a 24/7 clinical data stream, and collect high quality data sets.

Participants get access to an easy-to-use mobile app that provides support and directions. Step-by-step recommendations share best practices for participants, support them with important information and encourage to keep adherent, involved and active. Monitoring your participants during and after clinical trials is available for assigned professionals via a web-based access. Alerts can be set if needed to prevent any unwanted health events by catching their first signs.

The mobile app allows participants to track symptoms, drugs and supplements, physical exercises, habits and nutrition. All parameters that might be needed to create the best treatment plan and make an impact! The solution also allows to create different treatment regimes for different groups of participants to adjust to all the needs for any research.

The platform allows to add, edit and delete different modules and functions specific for your clinical trials and also add third parties APIs to collect data from approved devices. A customized analytical system and AI can be added as modules to fasten research findings and development. Measure your success. Exponentially expand your knowledge and hard proofs to make claims. Get your participants engaged and committed.